Nanowrimo 2021

So I’ve decided to participate in Nanowrimo this year writing the new story I told you about at the end of my last post. I also mention it in my Gothic Beginnings post. The setting for this story is based around the house I spent a great deal of time in when I was a child. It’s a time slip paranormal romance story and I’m calling it Dandelion Time.

Here’s the summary:

When Maddy inherits a house in the country and a substantial sum of money, it is the answer to her prayers, but she does not know who has left her the house or why and the solicitor has been sworn to secrecy. She moves immediately, escaping her abusive boyfriend, but leaving her best friend, family and job behind. She soon discovers that the house is more than what it seems and finds herself slipping back through time to meet Alex, a handsome First World War fighter pilot with a fabulous story of his own. But their chance at happiness together is shattered when Maddy’s ex finds her and in a jealous rage sets fire to the house.
Will Maddy, saved from the fire by Alex, find a way to be reunited with the man she loves, or will they be separated by time forever?

I have a detailed plan of over twelve thousand words and have broken this down into a chapter list showing the scenes and action I want to include in each chapter and am ready to start writing the first draft on the 1st of November. Of course, that’s just the beginning, and after Nano the editing begins. I’m hoping that I’ll have a fully edited, ready to publish version to enter into next year’s Kindle Storyteller competition.

You can follow my progress on my Facebook page, on twitter and on the Nanowrimo website where I’ll be updating my daily word count and here on my blog with posts about the story, research and maybe even some excerpts.


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