Nano 2021 – Days 2 & 3

My Temporary Cover Design

I seem to be developing a routine of writing in the mornings for three to four hours, usually between 9am until 12 or 1pm when things are quiet and I have time to myself. I find background distractions like the T.V. or the presence of other people, even if I can block them out, tend to sap my motivation. In my ideal world, I wouldn’t have a television. I know I’d get a lot more reading and writing done without it. My word count for Day 2 was 2756 and Day 3 has been even better with 4115. That’s chapters 4 and 5 respectively in which Maddie receives the mysterious letter that tells her she’s inherited both property and money, but it is a condition of the will that she isn’t told who has left them to her. It’s the miracle Maddie was hoping for and she seizes the chance to leave her abusive boyfriend and start a new life.

Travelling over two hundred miles away from family and friends without so much as a goodbye, she leaves everything familiar behind her. Then, whilst lost on a country lane, she gets her first glimpse of her new home. Later, whilst exploring the house, she sees a young man in the gardens and thinking he is the caretaker steps outside to say hello, only to find both he and the beautiful garden she saw through the window have gone. Thus begins a strange sequence of events in which Maddie slips back and forth between the house that exists in her own time and the one that existed over a hundred years before.

So I am now at a total of 9400 words. According to my Nano stats, I will be finished by the 16th of November if I keep writing at this pace.

I have a temporary cover for the novel too. What do you think of it?


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