Dandelion Time Now Available on Pre-Order

Dandelion Time with its new cover

Cue trumpet fanfare…

My latest novel Dandelion Time is now available through Amazon as a pre-order between now and May 1st when it will be officially released for download. I’ve scheduled it for this date so it is eligible for the Kindle Storyteller 2022 competition. That means it will also be available to read for FREE on Kindle Unlimited and I’ll be running promotions throughout the next four months.

The paperback edition will also be available from May 1st and a hardback edition will be released in due course.

I describe Dandelion Time as a Time Slip Romance, but Maddie never sets foot in the real world of 1917. She only slips between the house in her own time and the house which exists in a bubble of time created in 1917 by Lieutenant Alex Marshall’s wish to stay in the house forever.

Maddie arrives at the house hoping to escape her past, whereas Alex is escaping his future and when the two of them fall in love the only way they can stay together is if Maddie leaves the modern world and joins Alex in the bubble forever.

But, Maddie’s past refuses to let her go. In the ensuing devastation Maddie and Alex are separated and while she is stuck in the present with no way back, Alex must return to the past and face the future he never wanted. It will take both of them to find a way to be reunited.

You can get your copy here


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