Hello Books Promo

My promotion on Hellobooks.com starts today. Click the link below and you'll be able to get Black Feather and the other books in the promo for free or at a discount. All the books are in the paranormal romance genre so should be of interest to my readers. You will need to sign up to … Continue reading Hello Books Promo


Gothic Beginnings

I was a solitary child, playing alone in the shadowed confines of the garden, gathering sycamore seeds and autumn leaves and chattering to Henrietta, the girl who wasn’t there. As an adult, I discovered there had been a real girl called Henrietta who had lived and worked as a domestic servant in the vicarage that … Continue reading Gothic Beginnings

Black Feather 2nd Edition is Here!

Black Feather with the new cover So here it is! The newly revised and updated edition of Black Feather with its much improved new cover. Quite some time ago, I made a post lamenting the lack of suitable paranormal romance covers. Since then, I've repeatedly searched for something I liked and approved of, all to … Continue reading Black Feather 2nd Edition is Here!