A Real Mummy Unwrapping

Margaret Murray Unwrapping the Mummy of Prince Khnumu Nekht published by The Daily Mirror 8th May 1908. Accessed via findmypast.com On Wednesday 6th May 1908, Margaret Murray performed a public unwrapping of the 4400-year-old mummy of Prince Khnumu Nekht. There were hundreds of spectators packed into the Chemical Theatre of Manchester University. All hoping to … Continue reading A Real Mummy Unwrapping


The Unwrapping Party

Picture: A Victorian Unwrapping of an Egyptian Mummy The invitation said 7:00pm sharp and she had no intention of being late. Margaret had never been to an unwrapping party before, but the ones she’d heard about sounded positively gruesome and wildly exciting. Her father wouldn’t approve of her going out alone, but he was away … Continue reading The Unwrapping Party

Did The Ancient Egyptians Prove The Soul Exists?

Dr. Duncan McDougall 1866-1920 Those of you who have read Dan Brown's The Lost Symbol will remember the scene where an experiment was carried out to determine whether a human soul had mass. A dying man was laid on an elaborate and highly sensitive weighing scale and at the moment of death any change in … Continue reading Did The Ancient Egyptians Prove The Soul Exists?