The Unwrapping Party

Picture: A Victorian Unwrapping of an Egyptian Mummy The invitation said 7:00pm sharp and she had no intention of being late. Margaret had never been to an unwrapping party before, but the ones she’d heard about sounded positively gruesome and wildly exciting. Her father wouldn’t approve of her going out alone, but he was away … Continue reading The Unwrapping Party


Ignoring Advice from Stephen King

On Writing by Stephen King isn't really a book of advice for writers, it's about one man's journey to becoming a writer. The advice is there, between the anecdotes and the difficulties he's encountered along the way. If there is one thing he believes is the best way to write a book, it's to get … Continue reading Ignoring Advice from Stephen King

The Angel of Mons

image from york museum trust On 23rd August 1914,1914, both the English and German forces believed they had witnessed a miracle. Some saw St George and a legion of bowmen, others said that angels had surrounded the English in a wall of protection. Whether it was divine or supernatural intervention or not, the fact remains … Continue reading The Angel of Mons

Angels – The Good, The Bad and the Misunderstood.

This post takes another look at some of the themes in the Black Feather universe in order to clarify how its mythic beings and characters fit into the story. These may be different to the generally held beliefs about these beings in the real world. ANGELS, DEMONS, FALLEN ANGELS AND WATCHERS Lucifer photo credit: felipe … Continue reading Angels – The Good, The Bad and the Misunderstood.

What’s Your Super Power?

Image by yabadene belkacem from Pixabay Angel Abilities Part 1 Explaining the abilities of angelic and demonic beings in the Black Feather universe: Manipulation, Mind Reading and Invisibility The angelic beings in Black Feather, be they fallen angels, watchers or demons, all possess a wide range of abilities and put them to use in various … Continue reading What’s Your Super Power?

Behind The Scenes – A Peek Into Kate’s House

I thought you might like to have a nosy round Kate's house today. I used the pictures below to reference Kate's house in Black Feather and as an aide-mémoire. It's very easy to forget exactly what colour a room is painted or where you left that gun, if you're writing a crime novel. Having a … Continue reading Behind The Scenes – A Peek Into Kate’s House

Black Feather – Chapter 1

All Souls Church Kate threw the pipe under the scaffold and ran down the path to her car. Had anybody seen her running through the graveyard, flustered and grubby, with a suspicious bundle? She had just stolen something from a church, and she didn't even know what it was. As she fastened the seatbelt and … Continue reading Black Feather – Chapter 1