Dandelion Time Now Available on Pre-Order

Dandelion Time with its new cover Cue trumpet fanfare... My latest novel Dandelion Time is now available through Amazon as a pre-order between now and May 1st when it will be officially released for download. I've scheduled it for this date so it is eligible for the Kindle Storyteller 2022 competition. That means it will … Continue reading Dandelion Time Now Available on Pre-Order


Thoughts on NaNoWriMo Week 2

Another week of National Novel Writing Month is drawing to a close and I’m still writing and making daily updates. I am currently at 35170 words, which means I am 70% of the way to 50000 words. Ideally, I’ll get the word count up to 75 to 80000 before publication. I am loving writing the … Continue reading Thoughts on NaNoWriMo Week 2

The Unwrapping Party

Picture: A Victorian Unwrapping of an Egyptian Mummy The invitation said 7:00pm sharp and she had no intention of being late. Margaret had never been to an unwrapping party before, but the ones she’d heard about sounded positively gruesome and wildly exciting. Her father wouldn’t approve of her going out alone, but he was away … Continue reading The Unwrapping Party

Would You Be Tempted by Immortality?

Book 2 in the Black Feather Series    The title character of my latest novel, Immortal, is a man who has lived for two thousand years. Tricked into a deal with Lucifer. He has spent immortality as the instigator of disaster and a cause of chaos in the human world. Given the name Malachi, meaning … Continue reading Would You Be Tempted by Immortality?

Immortal Book Extract – Prologue

The figure, perched on the highest point of York Minster, had his eyes closed and his arms outstretched as though he was about to take a swan dive off the building. If the tiny figures below, intent on checking their texts and posting morning selfies, had looked sky-ward, he would have drawn quite a crowd. … Continue reading Immortal Book Extract – Prologue

Your Guardian Angel and You – A Guide

The Black Feather universe contains several mythological and religious themes, including angels, demons and The Watchers. The abilities and appearance of these supernatural beings in the Black Feather Series of books may not have any bearing on similar themes in the real world. To that end, I felt I should explain a few of the concepts as … Continue reading Your Guardian Angel and You – A Guide