The Burning of Witches

Witches weren't burned at the stake in England during what is commonly referred to as the "witch craze" or "burning times", but I have used this method of execution in a scene in my novel Black Feather. Below you will find a paper I submitted for an assignment we were set on the Go Higher … Continue reading The Burning of Witches


All Souls Church – Book Locations

If you've read my first novel, Black Feather, you'll know that at the start of the story Kate is running away from All Souls Church with the box that she has found in the floor of the chancel. It is an important location throughout the book, linking past and present together. It is the place … Continue reading All Souls Church – Book Locations

Black Feather – Chapter 1

All Souls Church Kate threw the pipe under the scaffold and ran down the path to her car. Had anybody seen her running through the graveyard, flustered and grubby, with a suspicious bundle? She had just stolen something from a church, and she didn't even know what it was. As she fastened the seatbelt and … Continue reading Black Feather – Chapter 1