Nano 2021 – Days 2 & 3

My Temporary Cover Design I seem to be developing a routine of writing in the mornings for three to four hours, usually between 9am until 12 or 1pm when things are quiet and I have time to myself. I find background distractions like the T.V. or the presence of other people, even if I can … Continue reading Nano 2021 – Days 2 & 3


Sinking The Titanic, An Alternate History

There are many conspiracy theories surrounding the sinking of the Titanic, from insurance fraud to a mummy's curse, but none of them mention Malachi. It's generally accepted that one of the contributing factors to the tragedy was the lack of access to binoculars. Malachi's involvement in the sinking is based on the real-life figure of … Continue reading Sinking The Titanic, An Alternate History

Would You Be Tempted by Immortality?

Book 2 in the Black Feather Series    The title character of my latest novel, Immortal, is a man who has lived for two thousand years. Tricked into a deal with Lucifer. He has spent immortality as the instigator of disaster and a cause of chaos in the human world. Given the name Malachi, meaning … Continue reading Would You Be Tempted by Immortality?

Black Feather – Chapter 1

All Souls Church Kate threw the pipe under the scaffold and ran down the path to her car. Had anybody seen her running through the graveyard, flustered and grubby, with a suspicious bundle? She had just stolen something from a church, and she didn't even know what it was. As she fastened the seatbelt and … Continue reading Black Feather – Chapter 1