A Real Mummy Unwrapping

Margaret Murray Unwrapping the Mummy of Prince Khnumu Nekht published by The Daily Mirror 8th May 1908. Accessed via findmypast.com On Wednesday 6th May 1908, Margaret Murray performed a public unwrapping of the 4400-year-old mummy of Prince Khnumu Nekht. There were hundreds of spectators packed into the Chemical Theatre of Manchester University. All hoping to … Continue reading A Real Mummy Unwrapping


How To Start A War.

Archduke Franz Ferdinand with his wife Sophie, Duchess of Hohenberg, and their three children (from left), Prince Ernst von Hohenberg, Princess Sophie, and Maximilian, Duke of Hohenberg, in 1910 We all know that the trigger for the start of the First World War was the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand, but what might not be … Continue reading How To Start A War.

Would You Be Tempted by Immortality?

Book 2 in the Black Feather Series    The title character of my latest novel, Immortal, is a man who has lived for two thousand years. Tricked into a deal with Lucifer. He has spent immortality as the instigator of disaster and a cause of chaos in the human world. Given the name Malachi, meaning … Continue reading Would You Be Tempted by Immortality?

The Real Life House Behind A Tragic Past Life

In "X Marks The Spot" I promised to show you what Evelyn and Sebastian looked like, so here they are. Below are several photos of Evelyn and Sebastian's house as it looks today. Sadly, it has been badly neglected, but that was one of the reasons I chose it for Blackfeather. Its location was ideal, … Continue reading The Real Life House Behind A Tragic Past Life

How Many Vowels In The English Language?

When I made a spur-of-the-moment decision to change my degree programme back in 2015, the transfer itself was fairly straightforward, just a couple of hundred emails back and forth between tutors, student support, my new department and my old one and Hey Presto! I was back to being a fresher. Then came getting access to … Continue reading How Many Vowels In The English Language?

The Devil Went Down to Stonegate… Book Locations

He was looking for a book to read 😉 photo from http://dramastmarys.blogspot.co.uk/2011_06_01_archive.html Beneath the eaves of a modern day shop in the centre of York you will find the Stonegate Devil - a carved wooden figure which dates back to the 16th century when the premises was a printer's shop. I couldn't write a book … Continue reading The Devil Went Down to Stonegate… Book Locations

And No Birds Sing

Birkenau Copyright Guinevere Saunders http://guinsaunders.wixsite.com/artist/photography Before I visited Auschwitz-Birkenau I read Keats's poem La Belle Dame Sans Merci from which the line 'and no birds sing' is taken and wondered if it was true what people say - that birds avoid the site of this former Nazi run concentration camp and will not sing there. … Continue reading And No Birds Sing